League Points


The Friendship League is managed by Val Cameron and Pat Constance


Here are the rules for the Friendship League 2021:

This year there are 6 teams. Each member of the winning team will receive a small trophy engraved ‘League Winner’. In the event of a tie for first place, shot difference will decide the winners.

The ‘Tony Rapson Memorial Trophy’, which has been kindly donated by Jean Rapson, (a previous member), will be awarded to the highest scoring individual player. Each player will be awarded a plus or minus score after each game according to the number of shots their team wins or loses by. A minimum of five games must be played to qualify for this trophy.

The league games will commence on a Monday afternoon in mid May and continue for 15 weeks, each team playing the other five teams minimum four times.

All games will start promptly at 2.15pm and finish after 16 ends.

Winning team receives 2 points

Losing team receives 0 points

Tied games – each team receives 1 point

Abandoned games – each team receives 1 point

An abandoned game is any match that has not completed 6 ends. If a match is stopped after 6 ends, the score at that time will be the result of the match. There will be no ‘trial ends’ but only one shot to count on the first end. Matches will be triples. In the event that a full team is not available: the side with 2 members play 4 woods each and 33% will be deducted from their score. The opposing team numbers 1 & 2 bowl 3 woods each and the skip bowls 2 woods . In the event of both teams having only 2 players, each player has 2 woods.

If a player causes a ‘no end’ , the opposing team scores 1 shot for that end. Different coloured team stickers to be affixed to bowls.

Players arriving late may join the game at any time and play in any position. However a team playing short must clearly mark the scorecard as follows:- the number of ends for which there were only 2 players. These ends will incur a penalty as above,. The adjustment will be made by the league secretary at the end of the match and the total score will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Team co-ordinators will be appointed with consent by the league secretry. Individuals unable to play on a given date should change dates with another team member and inform the co-ordinator immediately.

No player may play more than 10 games out of the 14 scheduled. A breach of this rule will incur a deduction of one point per game over 10 from the team score at the end of the season.

Teams will stay together on subsequent seasons subject to the maintenance of a balance between men and women, the object being to produce mixed teams of a near equal strength as possible. Any proposed movement between teams to achieve this balance will be kept to a minimum and discussed with the individuals concerned. In the last resort, the league secretary’s decision will be final.

Members wishing to join the league once the season has started will be put on a waiting list to fill any vacancies that may occur.

TEAMS and matches for 2021


10th May17th May24th May
Jupiter v MarsJupiter v NeptuneJupiter v Saturn
Neptune v SaturnSaturn v EarthMars v Earth
Mercury v EarthMars v MercuryMercury v Neptune
7th June14th June21st June
Mars v NeptuneMercury v JupiterEarth v Mercury
Saturn v MercuryEarth v NeptuneMars v Jupiter
Earth v JupiterMars v SaturnSaturn v Neptune
5th July12th July19th July
Saturn v JupiterMars v SaturnMercury v Saturn
Mercury v MarsEarth v JupiterNeptune v Jupiter
Neptune v EarthNeptune v MercuryMars v Earth
26th July2nd August9th August
Jupiter v MercuryEarth v MercuryMars v Mercury
Saturn v EarthJupiter v NeptuneNeptune v Saturn
Neptune v MarsMars v SaturnEarth v Jupiter
16th August23rd August6th September
Mercury v NeptuneSaturn v MercuryMercury v Jupiter
Earth v SaturnNeptune v MarsMars v Saturn
Jupiter v MarsJupiter v EarthEarth v Neptune

Matches will take place on Monday afternoons, starting at 2.15pm promptly


Val CameronRosemary EdwardsJackie Connelly
Barbara CarlsonJohn HughesRichard Constance
Paul CrookAngie LenistonSusan Fullilove
Jane FirminAnn PhillipsSonia Hume
Steve HutchinsonRoger ToddRon Mitchell
Pat ConstanceTrevor CareyBarbara Moore
Rosemary HughesJosie KerslakeMargaret O’Brien
Gerard MooreJenny SmithSue Ridley
Brian PooleyChris VinerGeoff Sharpe
Val TusonRob VinerIan Simm

Norman Pharoah is reserve for Mars