Godstone Bowling Club was formed in 1921 by the Lord of the Manor, Sir Bernard Greenwell, who became the first President. There were 17 men. Matches were played but the Green didn`t last long and in 1930, it had to be returfed.

A full-sized Green was restored after the war and the Club became very active with a growing membership. Ladies were admitted from 1950 and the Bowling Club,as we know it, was born.

In 1964, Sir Peter Greenwell,son of Sir Bernard, made the main Godstone Club premises, the Tennis Club and the Bowling Club permanently available to the Godstone community through the creation of a trust, the Godstone Institute Charitable Trust. TheBowls Club has grown over the years, and has a very active fixture list against other clubs in Surrey and beyond, as well as running internal competitions and organising tours in the UK and abroad.

Above all, we are proud to have built up a reputation of friendliness and it is this spirit we will strive to maintain in the future.