Bowls Big Weekend

Important message for all members

Hi Everyone

Hopefully you have already received the flyer delivered by Royal Mail regarding this year’s Open Days.  We deliberately made it 3 two hour sessions instead of one whole day in order to attract as many as possible much needed new recruits.

We really need involvement from every member in order for it to be a success.

Your committee members have all signed up to be on various teams as leaders but clearly they cannot do it all themselves.

For that reason we need everyone to sign up for any of these tasks on any or all of the sessions.

You can do this by notifying the leader concerned (phone number and emails details at the bottom)

If you feel unable to sign up for a particular task then please come along and do your bit by having a roll up on any or all of the sessions as it is important to show activity and interest  rather than being off putting if our members are sitting or standing in a huddle

One additional thing that is not on the list is that we need people from about 4:30 on the Friday afternoon to blow up balloons and position markers and posters alongside the path to lead the way to the club.

Dress code is casual with bright coloured clothing etc. the emphasis is not on traditional bowling gear but to look more casual.  You can wear jeans if you wish and any flat soled trainers or shoes. 

List of sessions and tasks on next page

I hope to see you all there

Susan Fullilove


TasksFri 26th May 6 – 8pmSun 28th May 2 – 4pmMon 29th May 10 – 12am
1Organise equipment needed (bowls mats jacks etc)Brian PooleyBrian PooleyBrian Pooley
 Geoff SharpeTrevor CareyTrevor Carey
 Geoff Sharpe 
2Greet participants at the gate to common and take to clubhouseVal Tuson LVal TusonVal Tuson
 Sue RidleyRosemary EdwardsSue Ridley
3 Welcome participants, chat about bowls in general supply them with a set of bowls and introduce them to conductor of practical sessionGeoff SharpeGeoff Sharpe LGeoff Sharpe
 Chris Viner LChris VinerChris Viner
 Susan Fullilove LSusan Fullilove
4Designated conductor of practical session and assistantGeoff SharpeGeoff SharpeGeoff Sharpe
 Chris VinerChris VinerChris Viner
5Take personal details after practical session (name phone number and email if poss) discuss membership fees and when they could playVal TusonVal TusonVal Tuson
 Sue RidleyRosemary EdwardsSue Ridley
6Prepare light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits)Brian PooleyBarbara CarlsonBrian Pooley
 Brian Pooley L 
7People having a roll upBrian PooleyTrevor CareyTrevor Carey
 All membersAll membersAll members
8People designated to follow up with a phone call the following weekGeoff SharpeGeoff SharpeGeoff Sharpe
 Chris VinerChris VinerChris Viner
 Contact details( L denotes Leader)
Geoff Sharpe01883
Val Tuson07803
Brian Pooley 01342